Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Improving

when it comes to DIY home improvements I have a habit of starting and not finishing.  It seems one source of motivation is when family or friends come in town to visit.  Few months back my parents came in town, so I put on my painters pants and hammer and finally finished the hallway (it only took a year and a half !) The left side is a little lonely and needs some TLC. I guess that can wait until the next visit:)

the beginning way back when. 
 (my little sweetness, about to electrocute herself;)

the middle

and the end

This is what I'm thinking for the left side wall..


Blogful said...

Love it, Kacey. You have great taste. Good work!

Christine said...

SOO cute! It looks amazing. Night and day! I want to come visit! I have been trying to convince Chris that we NEED some Florida sunshine in our life.

abbie said...

ok what? did you do all that molding work yourself too? all of it looks great! btw where you did you find such a long runner? i have a hallway exactly like that and everything i've seen is too short.

s.s parker said...

hey Abbie, I did the prep for the molding but no way could i nail that sucker to the wall!
I couldn't find runners long enough either. there is a tiny carpet store in casselberry, they have tons of remnant rolls cut to size. cheap and so worth it!