Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ding Dong! Oh hi there! Long time, no see. Why don't cha come in and stay awhile!......ok so there's been a bit of laziness when it comes to blogging lately...or shall I say since May!! The problem is whenever I get a chance to sit and post, I end up blogging everywhere else or spending WAY to much time with my new obsession PINTEREST!! If you haven't heard of it you're missing out! it's a marketing genius!
It seems with email, facebook, and texting who needs to blog? it's so much quicker and easier, but after having a few people (i won't name names:) haze me on my lack of blogging here it goes. I can't promise consistency, but I will be making more frequent trips.
In a nutshell summer came and went as usually with many adventures along the way. Here's a recap

Memorial Weekend at the Beach

Sawyer LOVES surfing
 bobby and I were able to sneak out one night and have dinner at our favorite beach side bistro. (no the kids were not left alone:) yes we had a sitter)

First Soccer Season and Last Soccer Season

Without sugar coating it, Saylor hated soccer.  The first game or two was exciting because it was something new, but by the third she was over it.  The only way I could convince her to get on the field was telling her she could get a slurpee after.  So all I would hear from across the field after she kicked the ball was "can I get a slurpee now?"  Sawyer wanted to play so bad but was a good cheerleader.

 We'll just stick to ballet :)

Summer randoms

lucky he belongs to me
saylor's scribbles are turning into artwork. wish my legs were that skinny:)

 little Hugh Hefner

to be continued....

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Brant and Amanda said...

Hey there u are. The kids are growing up so fast and cute as ever.