Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Days

As a mom I can't help but think whatever I do isn't enough, my list never ends, it just repeats itself, and at times (or all the time) you feel pressure to be the best cook, baker, seamstress, organizer, neighbor, business woman, photographer, wife, maid, friend, decorator, sister, artist, crafter, blogger, and so on and so on. Some days I have to remind myself that I'm doing the best job I know how and from the look of it, I'm doing ok.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


pictures of me and my kids together seem rare because i'm always the one looking through the lense. while waiting for sacrament to get over, yes we were late...again....saylor said "take a picture with me mommy". I just love that little smile


Now that the kids are getting older and it's much easier to hop in the car and just go... we have dedicated Friday as "Family" Date night, and Saturday is mommy and daddy night. The kids had never been bowling so we thought it would be fun to watch them roll (i.e. throw) balls twice the size of there noggins down some lanes. Even though we had to have the employee come rescue our bowling ball(s) a few times and it was hard for them to understand you can only put one ball down the lane at a time, the kids had a blast and mommy beat daddy again!! Even the kids whooped there dad. It's a on going joke in this house that Bobby has never beat me in bowling. If it ain't broke don't fix it!:))