Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spooktacular Night

Halloween started off with the kids school parade.  It was pouring rain outside so they had it in the gym.  Yes I was the only mom dressed up! yes a little awkward:), but Saylor was having a meltdown because I wasn't going to dress up, and it's hard to tell what the kids are actually dressed up as until you see Mary Poppins and then it all comes together.  So Mary Poppins made an appearance. 

Later that day after naps, we decorated pumpkins with stickers.  Traditionally we carve but in the Florida humidity they don't last long and our paints were all dried out so stickers it was, and stickers it might be every year.. they loved it and easy clean up. 

showing off there creation

The only decent family pic we could get that night.  Who wants to take pictures when there's some serious Trick or Treating to be done. 

And there off.......

the kids and there cousins 

Trick or Treating is a tough job but somebodies gotta do it! 
After we got home I threw out the bad, kept some good for me (my favs: tootsie rolls, twix, twizzlers) and then hid a small stash for the kids as bribery:)) And I still can't believe there wasn't even one box of Dots this year! 

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Barlow Family said...

I cannot believe how cute this is! Bryan sent pics to my phone too but I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your costumes. :)