Sunday, November 13, 2011

Forgetting the "Thanks"

I feel like after Halloween comes and goes, everyone is so focused on Christmas, ok maybe not everyone but I know I tend to overlook the one isle of decor at Joanns usually consisting of a festive cornucopia and a few pilgrims and head straight to the Christmas isle. It seems as much as we all love Christmas, Thanksgiving kind of gets overlooked in some ways.  Shouldn't Thanksgiving be one of the most important holidays? I mean it is the holiday we share our gratitude for all we have which is ALOT!  Can you imagine life without all the blessings we have tangible or not?!

  I've always had intention of posting once a day until Thanksgiving of what I'm "thank"ful for and thought I had until I checked back in my history blog and of course yet another thought that never was fulfilled.  Ok so I'm a little behind (story of my life) and it is already November 14th, but it's never to late to get started right? I've got a lot of ground to make up but here's a few things I'm greatful for big or small, practical or impractical, silly or serious.

I discovered this miracle in a tube back in high school and have never looked back!  I have one in every bathroom, at least 2 in my purse and can't go to bed without it slathered on my lips! I also used it on my kids when they were little tots and Sawyer asks for it every morning on the way to school for his "whips":)

Without these I wouldn't be able to visit family and friends we love and miss.

Last night we lost power for about an hour and your forget how many things utilize energy in the house.  Thank goodness that it wasn't cold outside and the kids thought it was pretty cool with all the candles lit and playing with flashlights.  not to self remember to turn all power switches off before the power goes back on at 11:30 pm and all lights are beeming full force!  

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