Thursday, January 6, 2011

6 years

Tonight my husband surprised me for our anniversary with a trip on this,

headed to here!
Happy Anniversary babe, good times ahead!


Blogful said...

What a fun surprise! Congratulations on six happy years!

Rachel said...

oh my heavens! What fun!! What a cute hubby to do that for you guys. K, the video of Saylor with your dad's little monitor things cracked me up !!!! Especially that part where you can hear your mom, "where did she learn that, has she seen you wear them?" Then your all....MOTHER! Haaaa!!! Miss you guys!

TwinkleBee said...

Whoa, go Bobby! Soooo Jealous- LOVE cruises, and I hear Atlantis is amazing. Congrats on 6 years- we'll be six years in June- time flies!
Getting together this week? How does your schedule look?

Amber said...

Can I come too? I will just sleep on the balcony :). Have so much fun!!