Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Bunnies

We've headed to Utah for Christmas and right now we are at our timeshare in Park City. From the looks out our window it's going to be a White Christmas. It hasn't stopped snowing since we got here and the kids are having a ton of fun in the snow. They only last 45 minutes or so until one of them says there cold!:) We were going to put Saylor in ski school, but it's too cold and she probably wouldn't last very long, so we'll try when we go back in the spring. While daddy's been snowboarding everyday the kids & I seem to do the same thing, play in the snow, hot tub, lunch and nap. Why is it that vacationing always makes you tired :) I know the kids can't wait for Christmas, but mommy might be a little more excited to see there cute little faces christmas morning! Everytime Sawyer sees Santa he says "be good boy" and if you ask Saylor what she wants, the list never changes:
................Cinderella, Belle, Barbie, Tangled...............
The snow definitely makes it feel a lot more like Christmas, but I will say it's fun to see and play in but I don't know if I could do it 4 months! :) Merry Christmas!

warming up after playing in the snow.

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