Thursday, June 3, 2010

Walking the streets

I fell in love with the streets of Georgetown. We walked everywhere we went, and along the way, I noticed there were a lot of homes with beautiful flower boxes in there windows and beautiful front doors. I've been taking some camera classes, (which I still have no idea what I'm doing!:) but thought it was a perfect time to try out my skills!

green is my favorite color and I loved the idea of wrapping a simple ribbon around a wreath to create something so lovely

you don't see a lot of rounded entry doors and the cherrywood color is so rich and elegant

yes this was a residential home. can you image opening that door everyday.

screams traditional with a black door and lemons, I just pictured walking in and smelling fresh baked cookies at this house.

you can never go wrong with a red door

these huge trees had grown around the metal fence. i thought it was so cool looking.

Beautiful peonies were in bloom everywhere. my absolute favorite flower!

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