Tuesday, June 8, 2010

dry my eyes

You never think the day will come when you send your little one off to pre-school, well that day is fast approaching but first we started with summer camp. I thought Saylor would be so nervous and would cry and not want to let mommy go when dropping her off, but she was the total opposite and just walked right in, turned around, blew me a kiss and said "bye mommy, you run errands, I love you". As I turned around and walked away, tears started to fill my eyes. My little peanut who was so tiny and small isn't so anymore but it's so fulfilling to see them grown and learn.

Sawyer gets so excited taking Saylor to camp and leads the way

All smiles!


Barlow Family said...

Awe! She's getting so big! I'm sure it was hard, but wait until she goes to junior high...I cried too. :)

Ty n Casey's Mom said...

Wow, can't believe your little girl is so big already! She is absolutely darling. Just wait till she goes to kindergarten, Kace, get ready to cry your eyes out!