Saturday, May 15, 2010

A room with a view

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a file on there computer or a folder tucked away with ideas and dreams of how you want your house to look like or feel like. My folder(s) seems to get bigger and bigger all the time.

My new favorite show is "9 by Design" on Bravo. I'm no interior decorator, nor will I ever be one or have the talent for it, but I appreciate beautiful home design inside & out.

When I came across this picture it went straight into my home folder. I've always loved the look of these chairs and the exaggerated drapery and don't get me started on wallpaper. Yes I know it's so circa 1980 :) I'm a huge fan of it, but our walls are pretty heavily textured though I did find out that with backing paper it might just be possible! If we decide to do the addition on the house some day (i.e. more kids=more space) (another I'm not announcing anything:) this kitchen table would be loverly! and I know now that with little ones dark cushions is the only way to go and I love the contrast of dark and light. Nate Berkus would be disappointed, but my flowers in the vase would probably be silk and not fresh. I'm not Oprah!:))

The past couple of weeks I've been doing some home projects...I'll share some pictures soon.

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Blogful said...

You have great taste! I love this site

and this one

for design inspiration. Can't wait to see your projects!