Monday, May 10, 2010

Life's Good

Mother's Day was absolutely wonderful. As a girl growing up you always wonder and imagine what life will be like when you have kids. There is no Motherhood 101 book to explain how it all works, it's a daily quest and you learn as you go. I am pretty sure every mother wonders at some point why their child chose them and what they can do for their child that no one else can.Saylor & Sawyer have already taught me more life lessons then any professor could teach, to not sweat the small things but to embrace them and most of all the meaning of unconditional love! My mother's day was memoriable and beautiful.

wow he's a keeper
i'm lucky these two call me mommy

my two cute boys
it was basically impossible to get a good picture with mommy, but i just love saylors pose


Barlow Family said...

I couldn't agree more. I've learned so much from my kids and wouldn't trade them or our experiences for anything. The kids are getting so big and Sawyer's looking so grown up! (Luke got so excited when he saw Sawyer's picture on the computer.)

Heather Lee said...

so cute! Even though you're 30 you look glamorous=) You can still hang with the 20's, no worries. Happy belated Birthday!

Amber said...

Your kids are growing up so fast. They are adorable. I am so envious of that weather you have, it looks so sunny & nice.

Samuelian Family said...

They are getting so big. I can't believe how long Saylor's hair is getting. So cute!!!