Monday, April 5, 2010

anybody home?

has it really been since January 16th since my last post?! i have an excuse? nope, just laziness and all i really want to do is look at everyone else's blogs. all of my pictures are on my pc until we transfer them to the mac, so in the meantime enjoy some pictures from the iphone. i'll be back soon, i hope :)

spring is here and we are loving it!
my little minnie at disney
this is where i found saylor after yelling for her in the department store and freaking out because i couldn't find her, i turned the corner, to see that she had thrown all the pillows off the display bed and was pretending she was asleep!:)
ready for the big hunt!
some qt time with mommy at starbucks
I'm 30! don't really want to talk about it:)

all dressed up for a friends wedding, we had a blast! can't believe he actually took the plunge!;)
peanut and mommy
surf session with daddy


Samuelian Family said...

So cute! How funny she was in that bed pretending to sleep. Actually not so funny for you I'm sure. WE miss you guys!

Tabitha said...

It scares me to be 30... But I still have a year! You could just say you are 20-10! I heard that one and thought I would use it in the future;)