Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sawyer's "Buggy" 1st Birthday

My little bug isn't so little anymore. Because we were flying back on his actually birthday, Jan. 4th, we celebrated the day before with all of our friends and family in Utah. I know they say kids grow up fast, but I guess with two it seemed to fly even faster. Sawyer loved all the attention and unlike his sister, he loved every minute of his cake and couldn't get enough! It's true what they say about boys loving to be dirty and messy! It was a special birthday to remember. We love you Sawyer "bug"!


Barlow Family said...

Cute! You do such a great job on parties...I'm very impressed. :) I'm sure it was tons of fun. Luke's bday is this week too, can you believe it's really been a year?

Kandace & Isaac said...


Brian and Savannah said...

Wow, he is already one? That is crazy, they grow up to fast!!!! Happy Birthday Sawyer!!!!!!