Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday Funday

We had a wonderful Easter! Saylor loved every minute of the Easter egg hunts. Nursery did one and she loved the purple bunny bag they gave her. She carried it around the rest of the day like it was her handbag! it was too cute! My sweeties looked so cute in there easter outfits, but they didn't stay clean for very long :) My only camera right now is my iphone so the pictures are a little fuzzy. Hope your Easter was joyous!

mommies precious little ones

seems i'm always behind the camera, so there are few pictures of me and my sweeties.

Saylor especially loved what was inside the eggs

Saylor's "cheese" face

her handbag

Sawyer just smiled and looked cute


Jennifer and Bryan said...

Holy cow, they are so cute!!! I can't believe how big Sawyer is getting. He's going to be full grown by the time we see him. Jack and Saylor would have been a good egg hunting team. By the way....Saylor is one of the best names he says. He'll see her picture and always say "Saylor".

Brian and Savannah said...

Your kids are so cute. I love Saylor's Hand Bag:)

Barlow Family said...

Very cute! Sawyer is so much bigger than Luke, wow, so dang cute too!

Kandace & Isaac said...

This is old news. Get some pics up!