Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Birthdays and Back Tracking

Playing catch up yet again.  Our little peanut Saylor turned 4 at the end of summer and her heart was set on a "tangled" party.  We were flying out to Utah the next day, so it was a quick, quaint little get together with some close friends and family, but she had the BEST.DAY.EVER!!!  a day doesn't go by that I thank my lucky stars for having this little girl in our lives! simply two words  love.her

It started off with decorating her door
 the tradition sprinkle donut on the birthday plate

 sprinkles donuts for her class
 saying the "Pledge of Allegiance"
 saying "grace" for snack time.  love this picture

 she requested a pink cake with purple and yellow sprinkles so I improvised with skittles.

 loving her jasmine costume.  i stocked up on halloween sales from last year:)

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Blogful said...

Happy Birthday, Saylor! Looks like you had a fun day.