Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taking Advantage

Saylor didn't have school Thurs or Friday and they said the weather was going to get a bit on the chilly side starting Friday so I thought we would take advantage of the last few days of high 80 degree weather and head to the beach. So I packed up the kids on Thurs. and we had the best time. Saylor said she wanted to "take a nap at the beach" Wish we could have all joined in and stayed longer but we had to get home because mommy and daddy had a date with the new Amway Arena. Which by the way is pretty freaking cool. There's something so peaceful and calming being at the beach and can you imagine the kids played together "nicely" the whole time!:)

I did take my regular camera and of course left it at the pool, and missed the chance to catch the most precious photo op of the kids running back from the beach hand in hand, then pausing for a few seconds as both took a look back at the beach and said "by beach". But just maybe they'll re-create that moment for mommy without me having to ask :) not.

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