Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hallow's Eve

not quite sure what Saylor's face was doing. giving mommy dirty looks?:) that's the cutest scarecrow i've ever seen!

Saylor couldn't wait to run to the next house. The ruby slippers are fast!

after a very long day, one tired pouty little girl all "chick and cheated" out!

Halloween was so fun this year!! We went to the in-laws house for soup, scones and cider. Saylor loved every minute of it! Except getting the costume one. Once it was on she was fine, but when I would ask her if she wanted to put it on, her response was usually "itchy", and then when I told her we needed to put piggies in her hair her response was "ouch" :) She would follow the yellow brick road to the door make sure she knocked 3 times to make sure they heard her, and would say "chick or cheat". After they would put candy in her basket, she had to scope it out and make sure she liked it and that it was edible. A few times she would say to them "Sawyer candy" and make sure Sawyer got one, which usually ended up in her basket!:) After a thank you and blowing a kiss, she would say "next house". We only made it to about 10 houses, before her litte ruby slippers were tired. Saywer strolled along for the ride, chewing on the glow stick the police officers were handing out. Bobby's finally glad he can hang up the tin man costume after wearing it 4 times! .......Can't believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner!


Blogful said...

So cute! Paige says the same thing when I tell her it's time to do her hair. "Ouch!"

Tiffany Wilson said...

You and Bobby are so cool for dressing up and doing a whole family theme. I love it when parents dress up, I think the kids get a kick out of it. I bet Saylor thought you were so beautiful in your Good Witch ensemble.

Barlow Family said...

You guys look awesome! Love it. :)