Tuesday, September 29, 2009


September seemed to come and go so fast! The family headed to Utah for two weeks, and Bobby & I drove to Aspen to our friends wedding while my mom & sister watched my kids!!! a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to them!! and yes they made it out alive! :) Aspen was unbelievable, and definitely going back when the chance comes. The wedding was spectacular and was worthy of a Martha Stewart spread. My mom is running for city council, so where ever we went we wore our Vote t-shirts! Saylor loved her's, and would always say "vote gammaw". Gammaw won the first pre-lims! GO MOM!!

Grandma gave sawyer his first Sees sucker

he loved every lick

Dad & brother on the elk hunt. Scored a big one!

Beautiful wedding! I mean seriously what a back drop!

Vote Gammaw!!

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