Monday, July 20, 2009

Bahamas '09

The bahamas trip this year was one of my favorites. The weather was awesome, Saylor got to spend a lot of qt time with daddy and sawyer bug just loved tagging along. Everyday was the same agenda, playing in the pool, then on the boat out to sea for the day, then back to the was an agenda we could definitely stick too!! Saylor loved jumping off the boat into the ocean with daddy, and would always say "ginn" and wanted to do it over and over again. We can't wait for next year!

watching the sunset

saylor loved the straw market and got a princess straw bag

even after taking a nose dive, sawyer learned to sit up while we were there

chillin pool side

my view from the pool, a slice of heaven

the boat we went on

daddy taking a cliff dive off the shipwreck

saylor's ready to hit the pool in style


Blogful said...

Great pictures. Looks like such a fun trip!

Jennifer and Bryan said...

You couldn't have made us more jealous if you tried!! Glad you had a great time in the 'Hamas! You sure have a little brown berry on your hands. Talk about a tan!

Barlow Family said...

Looks like a blast! The pics of the pool next to the ocean are unreal. Your little Saylor is sooo brown and I'm so jealous. :P

The Palmer Family said...

Kacey! Saylor and Sawyer are the cutest! I love the picture on the top! Looks like a fun trip! Hope you all are doing well!

Brian and Savannah said...

Wow, that looks amazing, and you look amazing. 2 kids later. I'm glad your summer has been good!!

Samuelian Family said...

What a brown little girl. Love all the pictures they are great. Makes you miss the Bahamas.

Okey's said...

The Bahamas are so beautiful. You are a trooper with two small ones. I loved the schedule you guys had out there...wouldn't it be fun if that is what life was really like;)

Amber said...

How fun! Saylor is so cute jumping in the water!

Rachel said...

so where do I sign up for that? :)
That looks like TOO much fun!!