Monday, November 17, 2008

Dream World

I luff, I want, I'm drooling over these boots, but I don't think these fat pregnant calves could fit into them. did I mention there $715?? seriously insane! hopefully payless makes a knock off version::))


Tiffany Wilson said...

I, too, have been searching for the perfect sexy pair of black boots. I want to shop for shoes since I'm still too fat to buy new clothes. Aren't you getting to the part of pregnancy when heels are just too miserable to wear?

Anyway, I also wanted to tell you how much I love you. I got your note and it made me feel so good. I hope you still visit often when you have 2 kids.

Ty n Casey's Mom said...

Those are so you, Kacey! Very cute.
P.S. Did you get Nancy's #? If not, here it is: (435) 654-0268.

Jaredonna said...

I'm putting these on my Christmas list now! (Good luck with that, right?) Love these! Great find!