Wednesday, April 23, 2008


thought of the day:

why is it that laundry is a never ending project. I find it totally boring and non productive, yet it has to be done. and why do we wear something once, throw it in the laundry basket, figuring it's dirty but its perfectly clean?! Now with Saylor spitting up and drooling on everything, there's twice as much. Maybe if I had this laundry room I would enjoy it....probably not :) happy cleaning!


The Tarin's said...

I am an odd duck and enjoy doing laundry. Strange I know! I really want the new whirlpool set. I dream about them and caress them at RC Willey whenever we go.

Jamie said...

My sewing machine is a hand me down from my mom and is probably pretty old. It is a Kenmore and it works really well. It's not fancy by all means, just does the basic stuff which is fine by me because that's all I can do. They do sale sewing machines at Target and I bet if your looking for just a basic one they would be fine. Hope this helps.

Brooke & Jason said...

I agree. I wish I had that laundry room.

Miranda Eccles said...'s Miranda. I can't believe I stumbled on your blog and now I'm trying to figure out HOW. check out my blog or email me I would LuV to talk to you, you will ALWAYS be dear to my heart. xoxo

Spockwingdiamond said...

Oh, just wait. Number three baby put me over the edge in the laundry department. And WHY does everyone have to use towels and wash cloths and underwear!!! I save time by not folding, yeah, I buy wrinkle free fabs and shove the clothes in the drawers - unfolded. There's a free tip!