Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lunch Break


only in florida can you take your lunch break and go jet skiing any time of the year. a friend of mine wanted to see a picture of our lake. Amber I took this picture today, while my husband came home for lunch and took the jet ski out for a spin. Or should I say "mater". Bobby is so proud of his "awesome" stand up jet ski circa 1980. he paid $200 for it and did some fine tuning and that baby purrs now. I could find better things to spend $200 on! :)


Monica said...

that is so beautiful!! How nice it must be to be so close to the water!! I wish everyday was that nice here! I need to for sure come for a visit.
I don't have the site up yet, but as soon as I have it done, I will send it your way.

The Tarin's said...

So pretty, I want a lake in my back yard! That's it, I am coming to visit! Thanks for taking the pics, it's good to see your stopping grounds.

Bryan said...

That looks like fun Bobby! I miss you guys. I am excited to see you guys in May.