Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heck...Why Not

Needless to say my Valentines has been quite uneventful. My poor sweet husband is so sick he said he thinks he's getting back sores from laying and sleeping all day! LOL his fever his 101.9 and he just looked at me with his puppy dog eyes and said "Happy Valentines Sweetheart" I just laughed. So while he slept, Saylor & I hit the grocery store for some chicken noodle soup. I thought about making it from scratch, but honestly..pure laziness. So as I headed into the grocery store I was surrounded by beautiful bundles of flowers. As everyone around me picked up there arrangement to give to there special someone, I gazed at the beautiful rainbow of colors, I thought heck ..why I did. I bought myself flowers for Valentines....well technically it was my husbands money, so he contributed! :) Happy Valentines


Ray Lowe said...

Anything I can do for you guys? It's hard having a sicky in the house. Let me know :) Is little Saylor feeling better?

Kandace & Isaac said...

Ahh man. I just ate carmel/m&m covered apple for breakfast. I hate Valentines day. So much for a trainer to get in shape!

Jamie said...

I would of done the same thing. Luckily Gavin came through this year with some really nice tulips. Hope you all feel better.