Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm not much of a blogger, but I had an experience today that I just had to share. Yes Florida is warm in the winter, but today was a bit chilly. After putting Saylor down for a nap, I took a shower, shaved my legs (bobby will be happy) and decided to use this new lotion bobby got me for christmas.....back up my sister Kortney actually bought for Bobby to give to me, because my sweet husband procrastinated...shocker! Anyway, back to the store, after apply the smooth silky lotion and putting my pajama bottoms on along with a long sleeve t-shirt, I started feeling a tingling sensation which turned into feeling like I had dunked myself into a cold bath. The lotion was MENTHOL MINT!!! Bad idea!! I literally was frozen in my tracks! my fingers were purple, along with my hair still being wet, I had to jump back in the shower to get my body temperature back up from -20 to 98!!.............the moral of this story, read the label and only apply MENTHOL MINT lotion if the temperature is above 80 degrees! and if your husband asks if you like the lotion he got you, say yes :))

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Kandace & Isaac said...

LOL!!!! I got the body wash as a gift..BRRRRR!!!